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6 Handy Tips to Paint Your Cabinets Rightly

A home renovation is not as fun as it sounds. You might be excited about how the new home will look, but the process of deciding what new installments or changes you need to do is quite extensive and not to mention, expensive. For most people, new accessories for the bedroom can be purchased, or the lights can have a new shade, but what about the cabinets and drawers in your bedroom, living room and the kitchen?
Installing new cabinets in the room means you will have to pull out all the old ones and get new ones. Say hello to more shopping, more thinking, more workload, more mess and more investment. On the other hand, you can just pick a paint colour and brush away!
Installing new cabinets might be heavy on the pocket and not everyone has that much budget on hand. In comparison, if you simply paint your cabinets, it will be an answer to all your worries. Here are some great tips to paint your cabinets rightly.

1. Asses the cabinets: First of all, it’s important to know the condition the cabinets are in. You don’t want to paint them first and then realize that the cabinets are falling out. Make sure that the body is in good shape and not damaged by water. They should be able to retain the new paint for a couple of years at least.
2. Cleanliness: The second step shall be the cleaning process. Cabinets are home to steam stains, oil splashes, greasy fingerprints and what not. Get a cleaner according to the mess on the cabinet and wash away. Once the cabinet is shining, make it coarse with some sandpaper so it retains the paint.
3. Type of paint: You need to decide on the type of paint you will be doing. Kitchen cabinets are usually best friends with oil based paints; however they aren’t friends with the environment. Not only are the fumes dangerous and pungent but it’s quite untidy too. On the other hand, you can use latex paints that are of acrylic nature to get a very lovely colour onto your cabinets.
4. The added factors: Once you are done there are 3 ways you can make them shine even more. Firstly, you can make use of very fine sandpaper for a final touch. Or you can use satin polycyclic for that wow factor. Lastly, a faux finish will look amazing on the cabinets. Something like a crackling glaze would be divine, or an antique look to match the old house? Perhaps a high glossy finish adding that touch of trendy!
5. Spray paint: Last but not the least, you can use spray paint instead of brushing. This is a faster way to colour the cabinets, however it is more prone to over painting or leaving spray spots in other areas like the floor or marble top!
6. Choose wisely: Painting means colour addition and you need to choose the colour very strategically in respect to your house and furniture. Stand in your room, look around, close your eyes and imagine the colours you think would do. Even better, ask an interior designer for opinion.


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